1. Love these; especially the subtle patterns in the pots/vases!

  2. Jackie

    wow, these are beautiful!

  3. wow, these are so subtle and beautiful!

  4. Robyn

    Amazing, delicate and subtle beauty. I could get lost in this. Thank you for sharing :}. You might also enjoy Carlton Davis’s book on the historic Art Dock in 1980s Los Angeles, which was a drive-by gallery. He captures it so well in his book, “The Art Dockuments.” You can find his website here: http://artdock.net/

  5. Kate


    Glad you enjoyed the post and I will check out Davis’s site!

  6. Kate

    Kari – I totally agree. The patterns in the vases themselves are spectacular! : )

  7. Robyn

    You’re welcome, Kate. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

  8. Love seeing her process and envying her large, white studio space!! Beautiful work!!

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